Windward School

from $125 / Month

To begin the enrollment process in one of our day programs, contact our office via email to see if any spaces are available, or to schedule a visit to the classroom:

  • Monday Chimacum
    Math & Sciences
  • Friday Chimacum
    Arts & Language
  • Monday Sequim
    Math & Sciences COMING SOON
  • Thursday Sequim
    Arts & Language

Download the enrollment packet to get started!

All About Windward

Child Readiness

Windward School is an inclusive school enrichment program. We welcome all children and their families to be a part of our unique learning community.

Because our teachers and volunteers do have limitations with how much they are able to assist individual learners, we do require enrolled children to be able to independently accomplish the following tasks:

  • Communicate using oral skills
  • Use the bathroom by themselves
  • Follow instructions from teachers and volunteers
  • Abide by non-violence conflict rules (no hitting, pushing, throwing, etc.)

If your child needs assistance with any of the above, or has needs that require more observation or assistance than Windward staff can reasonably provide, we ask that a caregiver accompany your child to class until they no longer need assistance.

Features & Benefits
  • One low flat monthly fee
  • Sibling discount available
  • Flexiblity: Pick the days and locations that fit your schedule
  • Verified and caring staff
  • Scholarships available
  • Drop off program; you do not need to be onsite for your child to learn, but parents are always welcome to stay
  • Classroom supplies - the monthly fee covers all of the supplies
  • Quarterly (or more) field trips
  • Adventure and enrichment for students 6 to 12!
What your child should bring to class
  • Backpack
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Sturdy shoes for walking up to 2 miles
  • A healthy lunch and water
  • A positive attitude!
  • No volunteer requirement

The Windward Year

Fall Quarter

September - November

Winter Quarter

January - March

Spring Quarter

April - June

The Class Day

  1. Morning Circle and Hike 10:00 AM

    Each day begins with a sharing circle, before venturing outdoors for a group hike.

  2. Group Activities 11:00 AM

    Kids of all ages participate in an activity that blends the focus of the day with hands-on projects.

  3. Lunch / Outdoor Play 12:00 PM

    The lunch hour is a time of social interaction and team building PE games.

  4. Afternoon Projects 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

    Special project time, where kids work with all-ages activities, or specific projects led by community instructors and volunteers.

  5. Reflection & Cleanup 2:30 PM

    A time for reflection, and clean-up.

  6. End of Day 3:00 PM

    Class is finished.

Program Fee

The cost per day of the week students attend is $125. So for a student attending Monday and Friday, they will pay just $250 per month.

One-Time Registration Fee

The $40 registration fee helps to cover the costs of a new student, including administrative, insurance, and supplies. It is a one-time fee, and does not re-occur.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount of 10% is available starting April 1st, 2019. First child is full price, and siblings of that child receive a 10% discount.

Age for Enrollment

Kids must turn 5 years old before October 1st of the current school year. There is no strict cut-off date for when students 'age out', but most find that they're ready for different things by about age 12.

How To Pay

Fees are due by the first class of the payment period (monthly, quarterly, annually). You can pay online with credit/debit card, PayPal, or ApplePay. We also accept cash and checks.


Windward School created a scholarship program to provide financial assistance to families who are in need, or who support the program in other ways.

Merit-based scholarships of 25-50% are awarded to families who fulfill critical assistance to the day-to-day operations of Windward School. This may be in the form of managing the cleanup of the classroom, or through teaching afternoon projects and substituting where needed. No explanation of financial need is necessary to receive a merit-based scholarship. There are up to 3 merit-based scholarships awarded for each class.

Needs-based scholarships are to make Windward affordable to families who need financial assistance. Up to 25% scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis. An explanation of the financial needs should be included in the online application.

Contact our office to learn more about our scholarship program.

Scholarships are decided for the quarters: Fall, Winter, and Spring. The number of needs-based scholarships awarded depends on fundraising done by the Windward Parent Committee.

“Perceived risk” vs “Real risk”

We take the safety of the children in our care very seriously. We want to maximize the fun and adventurous spirit of our program, while minimizing the risk of serious injury. For this, we work with perceived risk, and reduce real risk. Real risk is the possibility for cuts, broken limbs, or worse. Perceived risk may look like it can result in the above, but typically it will result in dirty clothes, wet feet, and a happy child.

For example: Hiking on an unexplored trail at Fort Worden feels more dangerous than a trail that a child has frequented. Jumping from a bunker into the sand below feels more dangerous than climbing down a ladder. Walking on logs over rivers and streams feels risky and bold. Combining chemicals at will feels more adventurous and dangerous than mixing according to instructions.

How we reduce real risk is by going on trails that staff are familiar with (even if the kids aren’t), by having teachers jump into the sand first and assess that there are no nearby sticks, logs, or rocks, by assessing depth of water, stability of logs, and capability of students, and by using chemicals that are harmless when combined.

Kids are given safe boundaries to explore and venture within, and those boundaries at times may feel limitless. But we know that the real danger is greatly reduced by precautionary steps. Realize that your child may come home with tales of scary adventures and “near-death experiences”, but the teachers are carefully planning each activity to create a safe experience for your child.

No child will be coerced or prompted to engage in an activity that they feel is unsafe. This includes no coercion by staff or students. It is important that students are free to explore at their own pace.

We have worked with WSU 4-H to put together a Risk Management Plan, to categorize all of the potential risk factors at Windward, and examined each individually to look for ways to reduce the risk of each, while keeping the perceived risk (to maximize the fun and adventurous spirit of our program).


All staff are given a background check via Verified Volunteer and/or the Washington State Patrol, and undergo training in experiential education. Not all staff are certified teachers, but all have a love of education, alternative learning, and teaching through play.

Teachers always supervise students, whether in a classroom or in the field, but are never alone with a single student. Ensuring the safety of all Windward students is paramount to the foundation of the program.